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Military Orders Bookshop.

Knights Templar Bookshop. 

Non Nobis Domine Chorus & Music

ETHRN Federation European Templar Heritage Research Network

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Knights Templar Research Ring - Join Now 

Mystic Realms the Knights Templar

A brief history of the Knights Templar

Historical Studies on the Occitan Heritage of the Templars

Willem Anne Veling's Knights Templar pages

Ancient Quest - The knight Templar  

The Joly Roger and the Knights Templar  

The Templars in Spain and Portugal  

The KnightsTemplar Site  

The Military Monks Site  

Phenomenon! The Templars Page  

Mystica Web Site - Baphomet  

The Web Surfers Guide to the Knights Templar  

Adam Bennington's annotated Bibliography of the Knights Templar  

Militia of Christ, The History of the Knights Templar  

A History and Mythos of The Knights Templar  

Knights Templar, Faith Link Pages  

Overview of The Knights Templar  

Knights Templar, Vera Cruz  

Knights of the Temple (Part 1)  

Knights of the Temple (Part 2)  

Everything you wanted to know about the Knights Templar  

The Self-Styled "Orders of the Temple of Jerusalem"  

Mystical Knights Templars  

The Templar Mystery - the search for the truth  

Founding of the Knights Templar 

Trail by Blood and Fire, Templars in the Holy Land 

Mysteries of the Templars 

Knights Templar  

Knights Templar  

Knights Templar, Dreamwater Site  

The Knights Templar, Serving God with the Sword by Heikki Hietala 

The Knights Templar  

The Knights Templar xyz org Site  

The Templars in Portuguese Discoveries (Porto Santo)  

The Knights Templar Porto Santo Site - index  

The Templars in Portuguese Discoveries (Suset Strip) 

The Knights Templar Suset Strip Site - index  

Romanian Club for Templar Studies 

Romanian Club for Templar Studies (No Frames) 

a History Site of the Romanian Club for Templar Studies 

The Knights Templar - Medieval History Net Links 

Yahoo! UK & Ireland, Knights Templar 

The Role of the Knights Templar in the Grail Legend 

An Essex Templar Mystery 

Temple Church London 

Irish Historical Mysteries: The Knights Templar 

Templar Knights, Herbs & Alchemy Site 

G C H Nullens' History of the Templars (See Part 2)  

The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis Original Site

The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis Revived Site

The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis Portal Site

The Knights Templar, www.web-site 

The Knights Templar, by K. Whittaker 

The Expansion of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple  

The Knights Templars, Catholic Encyclopedia 

The Templars, Darkhold Web Site

Holy Warriors The Templar Knights

The Templars

Dreamland - Knights Templar

The Amazing Knights Templar 

The Knights of the Temple, Cnct Web Site

Knights Templar Mysteries  

Knights Templar Kingdom  

Saints or Sinners? The Knights Templar Mysteries  

The Knights Templar (Order of the Sword Site)  

The Knights Templar, Antonio Mendonca Web Site  

Order of the Templars, Jerusalem City Web Site 

Stables for the Horses of the Templar Knights 

The Templars in Portugal  

Templar Knights and the Holy Grail 

Knights of the Rose Croix 

Fact and Fantasy by Alan Hooker 

Jacques deMolay by Lorne Pierce  

King Solomon's Temple by Homer Zumwalt 

British Freemasonry's Plan for America  

The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar   

Templar Knights - Robert Walker Site  URL Defunct

The Story of Jacques DeMolay  

The Knights Templar, the Origin of the Craft  

  Secrete of the Templars  

Knights Templar Links  

The Temple Site Ring  

Knights Templar Grand Masters List

Clan Sinclairs Knights Templar Grand Masters List

Revived Orders: The Modern Templars (18th-20th c.)  

Templars: In praise of the new Knighthood 

Guigues of La Grand Chartreuse - Letter to Hugh de Payns 

Hugh the Sinner Letter to the Knights of the Temple 

Council of Vienne 1311-1312 A.D. 

Anonymous, Lament for the Templars 

The Primitive Rule of the Templars 

Primitive Templar Rule 

The Rule of St. Benedict Compared with the Rule of the Templar 

The Templar Hierarchy 

Account of the Battle of Hattin, 1187 

Cyprus under Richard I and the Templars 

Arms of the Templar Grand Masters (best in Netscape) 

Knights Templar Links 

Knights Templar Links 

James W. Prairie's Knights Templar Links 

The Knights Templar at Vera Cruz   

Zvonimir Grbasic's illustration of a Templar Knight 

The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar 

Historic Costume, Plate #16d - 12th & 13th Cent. Knight Templar

Plate #17d - 13th Cent. Knight, Prince, & Knight Templar




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