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Now with History,web page,Maps and more links for Tortosa, The Templars greatest Fortress This is a Medievalist Web Page for Historical Reenactors(Eg.SCA). I give Little Information on the Knights Templar in a Historical sense( as a Timeline ) but do give Information that may be of use to the modern Crusader and Templar Persona to the Modern Medievalist. The Templars were known by various names by the many who knew them,the Infidel called them al-dawiyeh,we remember them as The Temple, the Order of the Temple, the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon, Milites Templi or Fratres (in Latin), les Templiers and les Freres ( in Old and Modern French). Two Knights sharing a Horse(the Templar Symbol) take me to the Castrum after reading this Page 


  Medieval Terms 


Learn common phrases, Greetings and such, Speak with a accent, even a bad one sounds more the feel than a American one My Oline Copy of the Templar "Rule"

The "Rule" of the Templar 

My Oline Copy of "In Praise of the New Knighthood (Liber ad milites Templi: De laude novae militae)" by BernardLiber ad milites Templi: De laude novae militae (another Must Read) Other Period books on the Templar Lament for the Templars Guigues of La Grand Chartreuse Letter to Hugh de Payns, Master of the Temple Hugh the Sinner Letter to the Knights of Christ in the Temple at Jerusalem Ricaut Bonomel, Ir'e dolors s'es dins mon cor asseza,(Written by a Templar brother in the Holy Land, in 1265 or early 1266. This is an important historical source for the events in the Holy Land during Baibars' invasions. ) Gervais du Bus, Extract from Le Roman du Fauvel Anonymous, Poem on the Antichrist On Loving God by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Papers from The Council of Vienne(huge file,awesome) +++ Movies!+++ See a movie ( what a Templar looked like) Their Symbol (movie) more battlefeild movies Check out The Medieval Font Page If your in Pa Check out my Chapterhouse PageThe Castrum Templarius AKA the Baillie of Tortosa


Map of Tortosa Map of Antioch Templar Garb

New Templars were furnished with both clothing and equipment (Reenactors can use this to help build his kit)

  • Each recieved Two shirts.
  • A narrow-sleeved tunic to be worn over them.
  • Two pairs of shoes and underdrawers.
  • A long jerkin that was divided at the waist.
  • A long straight cape tied or hooked at the neck.
  • Two mantles, One a light summer mantle, the other a winter mantle lined it sheeps or lambs wool.
  • A broad leather belt.
  • A cotton cap.
  • A felt hat.
  • Two towls, one for the table the other for washing.
  • Bedding, including a heavy blanket, white, black, or black and white striped.
  • there Armour,a surcoat, and three knives,a sword,lance & Shield.

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